The Centre for Advanced Procurement Studies (CAPS) provides practical capacity building and training in the specialised fields of planning, procurement, contracts, and supply management. The list of our accredited practical training programs for the second half of 2022 is as follows:

Code Course Training Outline Date Location Value (KES)
CAPS-01-2022 Consultant Selection Process and Evaluation of Proposals Drafting terms of reference, estimation of consultant budget, consultant methods, consultant selection process, preparing a request for proposal document, technical evaluation of proposals, evaluation of proposals, technical scores, opening of financial proposals, opinion and award of contract, notification of award, drafting consultant contract; contract monitoring. 7-11 Feb 2022 Nakuru 75,000

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CAPS-02-2022 Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act and Regulations National governance structures; organization of the procurement function; procurement methods for goods, works and services; consultant selection methods; professional principles; procurement processes; procurement rules; contracts; interface with regulations and standard tender documents; preferences and reservations; stock control; and assets disposal. 4-8 April 2022 Kisumu 70,000

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CAPS-03-2022 Procurement of Framework Contracts for Goods and Services Setting of specifications for goods and services; scope of requirements; preparing evaluation criteria and qualification criteria; preparing tender documents for framework contracting; evaluation of bids for frameworks; unit price versus lot-wise award of contracts; framework agreements; drafting suitable contracts; call off orders; and contract monitoring. 16-20 May 2022 Mombasa 80,000

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CAPS-04-2022 Procurement Strategy, Planning and Monitoring Applicable procurement policy; supply market strategy; departmental requirements; inventory planning and forecasting; packaging procurement requirements; estimating cost of goods, works and services; choice of method; preparing the procurement plan; and monitoring of actual versus plan. 20-24  June 2022 Nakuru 65,000

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CAPS-05-2022 Procurement of Works, Plant and Equipment Defining large and complex contracts; works specifications and requirements; plant and equipment specifications; preparing tender documents for works and equipment; setting evaluation criteria and qualification criteria; evaluation of tenders for works and equipment; opinion and award; drafting works contracts. 19-23 Sep 2022 Mombasa 85,000

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CAPS-06-2022 Procurement and Contracts Audit Analysis of risks in the procurement and contracts processes; managing appeals and complaints; procurement and contracts audit; audit of works contracts; audit of consultant contracts; performance audit; audit reports, responding to audit queries, audit monitoring. 24-28 Oct 2022 Nakuru 65,000

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CAPS-07-2022 Projects Procurement and Contracts Management Projects initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control and closeout; projects procurement strategy and plan; donor funded vs government procurement rules; preparing bidding documents; evaluation of bids and award; approvals and no-objections; contract management. 5-9 Dec 2022 Mombasa 85,000

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National Industrial Training License: NITA/TRN/979 

Professional Practice License: KISM-KO54-2014

Training Approach

The training programs are based on extensive research on effective training of adult learners in Africa. Because the courses are practical oriented, emphasis is placed on hands-on work. Learners are requested to bring their Tablets and iPads loaded with Ms Office software and a calculator.


Based on our research, learners prefer training largely based on the following training methods: Discussions, simulations, group work and role-play.


The successful learners are issued with a Certificate of Practical Training. Authentication of the certificates is done online using the website


The learners valuate the training by responding to various aspects of the training. This includes satisfaction with content, instructors, learning environment, materials, and learner groups. A pre-and-post assessment of the learners will measure the knowledge gained during the training and achievement of the training objectives.


The courses are based on county, national, regional, and international best practices. Learners gain expertise procuring under different procurement systems of Government, Development Banks, and Agencies.


The training modules are designed to appeal to all learning styles. The courses cater for learners that prefer concrete experience, observation, reflection, theory, as well as create new learning experiences.


A mix of national and international instructors will deliver the course. They hold advanced degrees in procurement and contracts management coupled with over twenty years international practice in procurement and contracts management.


The training is designed to ensure learners acquire practical skills, with minimal theory. New entrants gain skills on how to perform specific tasks in procurement and contracts management. More experienced practitioners update their skills on best practices in carrying out procurement in any African country and emerging markets.


The results of these training programs will be well trained staff equipped with practical skills and ready to perform their duties to the required standards. Each participant will get workbook of practical materials to to refer to at work.


The Centre for Advanced Procurement Studies has a professional training license from the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM) and is accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority of Kenya (NITA).


About 87% of learners prefer a research session on procurement and contracts management. Thus, each course has a session to discuss research topics, brief on research methods, analysis of data, and report writing.