Code Course Target Objective Date Venue KES
07/2023-24 Supply Planning, Warehousing, Inventory Control and Management Private, public, development sector NGO, managers, officers, assistants and others interested in supply management. To uplift skills in supply and inventory planning, inventory, forecasting, inventory control, warehousing, logistics, distribution, import-exports, disposal plans, assets boarding and disposing of assets, and use of information technology solutions, and related functions.. 5-9 Feb 2024 Nakuru 65,000
10/2023-24 Professional Approaches and Standards in Evaluation of Bids for Goods, Works and Services Procurement officers, supply chain officers, project officers, departments staff, evaluation committee members. To expand practical skills in market price benchmark, professional setting of evaluation criteria, preparing specifications and schedule of requirements, choice and preparation of tender documents, evaluation of bids, professional opinion, and contract award. 15-19 April 2024 Mombasa 85,000
11/2023-24 Managing Procurement Contracts, Arbitration, and Resolution of Disputes All sectors’ projects and contracts officers, procurement officers, user dept staff, contracts officers, and managers. To improve skills in contract negotiation, formation of contracts, preparing contract documents, price adjustment, framework contracting and agreements, leases, types of contracts, contract execution, and contract performance indicators. 13-17 May 2024 Kisumu 70,000
12/2023-24 Public and Donor Funded Procurement, Contract Management and Practices All sectors’ staffs in procurement and supply function, projects officers, and others interested in next level skills in procurement and contracts management. To attain next level skills in procurement for public and donor funded projects; comparison of applicable rules and regulations; procurement strategy for development; choice of methods, suitable evaluation criteria, drafting bidding documents and contracts, evaluation of bids, price variation versus price adjustment, monitoring contracts; standards of practice. 17-21 June 2024 Mombasa 80,000
01/2024-25 Procuring and Contracting for Goods and Related Services All sectors, assistants, officers, project staff and other procurement and supply units. Different forms of goods and related services; setting goods specifications, schedule or requirements; preparing tender documents; evaluation of bids; abnormally low and high bids, framework contracts for goods; contract price adjustment versus variation. 19-23 Aug 2024 Eldoret 70,000
02/2024-25 Design of Procurement and Contracts to Minimize Unethical Practices and Undue Influence The course is open to all levels interested in professional practice in procurement. Procurement practice and its politics; common governance issues common in termination of procurements; professional principles and ethics of procurement; correct setting of criteria and evaluation of bids; managing undue influence in procurement contracting. 23-27 Sep 2024 Nakuru 65,000
03/2024-25 Procurement Systems Development and Process Management All sectors; private, NGO, and public; procurement and supply chain management officers and managers. Sectoral analysis; best international and national procurement practices; procurement value chain analysis; procurement unit functions and staffing; designing effective procurement systems; procurement process management; contract administration. 14-18 Oct 2024 Naivasha 65,000
04/2024-25 Contract Conditions, Price Adjustments and Variation of Contracts All sectors; projects and contracts officers, procurement officers, user dept staff, projects officers, and managers. Conditions of contract for goods, works, and services; monitoring of contracts; market price benchmarks; handling contract quantity and price variations; national and international price indices; applying price adjustment formula; contract closeout. 25-29 Nov 2024 Mombasa 80,000
05/2024-25 Strategic Procurement and Supplier Relations Management All sectors’ senior managers and officers in projects, procurement and supply chain management functions. Procurement leadership; professionalism; procurement policy, strategy, planning and forecasting; addressing grey areas in procurement; developing procurement capacity; global economic trends; supplier relations management; supplier performance indicators. 2-6 Dec 2024 Mombasa 80,000

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