Procurement of Works, Plant and Equipment

10-14 October 2022; Travelers Beach Hotel, Mombasa

The procurement function and user departments are increasingly required to add value in procuring works as well as plant and equipment. Yet, most of them are left out of this crucial role due to lack of requisite skills in these areas. Despite recent trainings elsewhere on the subject matter, there are increasing concerns about efficacy and relevance in work settings to achieve desired results. This training provides the gold standards in the procurement of works that is currently missing from in the Kenyan procurement training and practice.

Objective: To enhance the participant skills effective approach to procuring works, plant, and equipment.

Content: Different categories of works, plant, and equipment; setting specifications and requirements; preparing tender documents; setting evaluation and qualification criteria; evaluation of bids; opinion and award; drafting of contracts; meaningful involvement of procurement function in procuring works.

Outputs: (a) Sample tender documents with evaluation criteria for works; (b) sample tender document with evaluation criteria for plant and equipment; and (c) template evaluation reports.

Participants: The participants for this practical training include procurement and supply officers at varied levels, evaluation committee, inspection and acceptance committee, contract implementation teams, project officers and staff.

Approach: We will deliver the training using short presentations, group exercises, quizzes, role-plays.

Award: Certificate of Practical Training in Procurement of Works, Plant and Equipment. The participants will gain CPD points with their professional bodies.

Value: KES 85,000 inclusive VAT

Payment: Cheque or Bank Deposit: I&M Bank; Yaya Branch A/C 1060361210.

Booking: Please call Pauline on telephone: +254 706 657 369 or email

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